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Friday, November 3, 2006

Symosium IV: Art-making in Times of Change

the late 1960s and early 1970s

October 14, 2006

This distinctive period was framed in the tumult of the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and a broad counter-cultural revolution felt strongly in the Bay Area. Many students at Berkeley sought ways of making art that would resonate with the times and forces of change. They broke the mold of traditional materials and categories of expression. In the 4th Symposium, alumni will discuss how this period affected their sense of purpose and how discoveries they made during their years at Cal led to the work they are doing today.

Mary Heilmann, now living in New York, was among the many speakers. Historian and art writer Terri Cohn commented on Cal alumni Paul Cotton, Jim Pomeroy, and Sam’s CafĂ©. Polly Frizzell (aka Marty Carstens) joined in conversation with colleagues about the social and esthetic phenomenon of the Colby Street House and the circle of alumnus Michael Haimowitz.

timeline graphic by Lisa Krieshok ---click on image to view larger.