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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Alumni News Winter 2008

Thanks to all who participated in our fall symposium, which was well-attended and a great success!
Time once again to catch up with our alumni..... News has been coming to us via postcards, email, and our special operatives which as everyone knows, are everywhere that matters.

Our newest alumni of the class of 2007 deserve some mention here:
MFA graduates Kara Hearn and Jennifer Wofford, received a 2006 Jack and Gertrude Murphy Fellowship of $2,500 each from the San Francisco Foundation.
Joe McKay, MFA 2007, was the 2006 Anker Fellow Award recipient.
Javier Aros, Brad Aldridge, Chau Nguyen, Issac Quigley and Cynthia Silva, undergraduate students were each awarded 2006 Sargent Merit Scholarships in Art, for $3,000 each. Issac Quigley was also the 2007 Art Alumni Award honoree, and we hope he spent all $200 of that in one place.
Kelly Seldan was awarded the 2006 Sussman Award in Painting of $6,000.
Lettie McGuire helped us establish this blog, as well as organizing the Art Group at Berkeley- with Aisling Maguire, they also facilitated the Cal Artist Empowerment Workshop- a DECAL class introducing art majors to the business of the art life.

Also last May, there was a reception to honor distinguished CED design alumni and a group of art alumni were invited to attend, at the lovely Maybeck Recital Hall in Berkeley.

Professor Katherine Sherwood had a show at The National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. with a catalog designed by graduate Lisa Solomon. Lisa also participated in the Monster Drawing Rally at Southern Exposure in SF this year.

In the left bay, Tina Takemoto took San Francisco's Trannyshack by storm with one of her performances; who knows how many times popular demand with bring back the Bjork-Geisha!
check this out, we can embed videos here. heh.

In what could possibly be the most perfect match up of artist and pile of seemingly useless stuff ever conceived, Nemo Gould wrapped up a 4 month stint as artist in residence at the San Francisco Dump with a fabulous solo show called "Waste Deep."
Pat Rose has been invited the National Society of Arts and Letters, and her company for the artistically gifted is thriving- visit their website at
Leslie Cheney-Parr (BA '69, MA '71) has been blessed with an award from National in New Mexico as well as twin grandchildren!
Phyllis Shafer had an exhibit of paintings from the Sonoran Desert at the Stremmel Gallery in Reno, NV last year. Jim Melchert's show "Eye Sites" featured a lot of new work, in October at the Paul Kotula Projects in Ferndale, MI. "To Be Someone" paintings by Mary Heilmann at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston showed though January 2008. Beatrice Caracciolo showed at the Charles Cowles Gallery, NY in October.

The opening of
Charles Linder
's show at Gallery 16 was well attended as well. Lynne Rutter and David Jones were both there, as were a lot of other people, and wine was consumed.
Stephanie Peek "Garden Camouflage" 20x20" oil on panel
Paintings by Stephanie Peek MFA ’96 were shown at Triangle Gallery SF last October as well as the Thoreau Gallery in San Francisco in November. She has been teaching painting at Dominican College in San Rafael, CA, and curated “The Camo Show” at Dominican which showed Nov-Dec 07. Her work can be seen at the Friesen Gallery in Seattle and Sun Valley.
After many years, Edythe Bresnahan will be retiring as Chair of the Art
Dept. at Dominican University at the end of this spring semester 2008.
Paintings by Kevin Bean MFA 95 were exhibited at Charles Campbell Gallery in San Francisco. Work by Aida Gamez showed at Barry Sakata Gallery in Sacramento, CA last summer.

Roy Tomlinson showed some of his photographs at Lost Canyon Winery in November. Yuriko Yamaguchi's show "Interdigitate" was displayed at the University of Maryland through December.
Frances Spencer MA '68 received Special Recognition for painting in national juried competition of Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR. "The Visionary Art of Frances Spencer" was featured at the Albatross Pub Gallery, Berkeley, November 2007 through January 2008. Sharon Lloyd BFA '79 has been living in the Monterey Peninsula area working (architecture), writing, raising a family, and making art. Music, art , and intention... in Sebastopol, CA. find out more by subscribing to the Fish Rap newsletter from Sandy Eastoak.

Kara Maria recently had a solo show at Catherine Clark's new gallery in San Francisco, and has been selected as a 2008 Masterminds finalist by the SF Weekly.
Enrique Chagoya's work "Borderlandia" is now at the Berkeley Art Museum through May 18, as well as Gallery Paule Anglim through March 2008.
Sonya Rapoport MA '49 is showing graphic pieces from her work Shoe-Field in the exhibition Imaging by Numbers: A Historical View of the Computer Print being organized by The Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University, through April 6, 2008. She will be discussing the work at the symposium that coincides with the exhibition. An article about the interactive Shoe-Field is being published this year by Berg Publishing, a branch of Oxford Press, London.