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Monday, October 29, 2012

PK Frizzell: Evidence of Things Unseen

Exhibition dates: October 25 - December 1, 2012
Artists' Reception: Saturday, November 10th from 5-7pm
Oakland Art Murmur First Friday: November 2nd from 6-9pm

PK Frizzell "Evidence of Things Unseen" (2012), installation: mixed media, lights, and lenses, 6 ft x 8 ft x 3 ft. Photo by the artist.
In a new installation, PK Frizzell uses text, plant materials, and discarded broken objects to explore the nature of mind and memory. The installation is viewed through a grid of lenses, creating a vast and dizzying world. In a second body of work, Frizzell shows us a place where the spiritual intersects with the material, by overlaying viscerally physical surfaces made of studio detritus with shadow images imbedded in glass. 

PK Frizzell graduated from the art program at UC Berkeley in the late sixties, having studied with Pete Voulkos, Jim Melchert and Ron Nagle. Later, she established a ceramics studio and showed work throughout the US and parts of Asia, and was included in History of American Ceramics by foremost ceramic art historian Elaine Levin. She has participated extensively in juried and invitational American Craft Council shows and competitions. Recently Frizzell has explored and developed new media and methods of producing two and three dimensional work using paper, paint, x-rays, photographs, lenses and digital manipulation of visual information. PK Frizzell has shown with Mercury 20 Gallery since 2010.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sonya Rapoport: The Nuclear Family in the Atomic Age, Extended - Performance

Friday, October 19th 2012: The Artist is Elsewhere
Doors open at 7:30pm
                                              Performances begin promptly at 8:00pm
Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door

Sonya Rapoport will present the next phase of her project, The Nuclear Family in the Atomic Age, Extended, as an Audience Participation Performance, at the Zero1 Biennial. This performance will take place at the Performance Art Institute in San Francisco. The Nuclear Family in the Atomic Age was recently presented at the CEMEX Auditorium, Stanford University with Richard Rhodes' play, Reykjavik. The play is based on the conversation between Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev about human rights and limiting nuclear arms.. Rapoport's presentation of the extended Nuclear Family portrays the trials and errors in reawakening the Golem for protection against Atomic disaster.

Curated by Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert, The Artist is Elsewhere, an evocative nod to Marina Abramovic's famous retrospective,"The Artist is Present", is a juxtaposition of radically different ways of existing in time and space. Artists participating in the event include Linda Ford, Justin Charles Hoover, Scott Kildall, Sonya Rapoport, Roland Roos, Stoll and Wachall, Lee Walton, Gordon Winiemko, and Michael Zheng.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Come Join Us 

Wednesday, October 17   5:00 p.m. 
6th & Gilman in Berkeley

Join in the discussion of Symposium X,
Bring Tales of Travel. Evidence of Exhibitions, News of the Noteworthy

Friday, October 5, 2012

Please Join Us for a Day of Shared Experiences and Approaches....

choices compromises commitments

UC Berkeley Art Alumni Symposium X
Saturday, October 13th 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Kroeber Hall

This year’s symposium is a presentation of images and points of view, which will deepen
an understanding of the concerns and ingredients that compose an artist’s career.
This event is Free and Open to the Public so please join our distinguished
Panelists,Discussants, and Art Community Attendees

Leo Bersamina, artist and instructor, Diablo Valley College
Enrique Chagoya, artist and Professor of Art, Stanford University
Mildred Howard, artist, educator and Artist/Consultant at San Francisco
Chris Johnson, artist, Professor of Photography, California College of the Arts,
and originated the Question Bridge concept
Indira Martina Morre, artist, co-director of Martina[ ]Johnston Gallery, Visiting Lecturer,
Univeristy ofCalifornia, Berkeley
Richard Whittaker, independent curator, art writer, and publisher of Works and Conversations
Panel Moderator: Jan Wurm, artist and educator

The symposium will begin at 9 a.m. with registration, coffee, and informal mini-interviews with attendees. The morning panel introduction will begin at 10:00 am. The morning program ends at noon and lunch will be provided.

The symposium moderator is Jan Wurm, she will focus on the choices, compromises and commitment that are inherent in an artist's life. As an introduction to the panel discussion, Jan will introduce each individual panelist, who will then give a brief visual presentation(approx 6 - 8 minutes). After the entire panel’s visual presentations, the panel discussion will open with reflections, exchange, and observations.

Lunch will be a buffet catered by Ann's Catering in the Worth Ryder Gallery and attendees will have an opportunity to gather in small groups. At the close of lunch, written questions from attendees will be accepted as a starting point in the afternoon session.
You can rsvp for lunch and pay day of, or prepay using paypal on your right. Lunch is $15.00

The afternoon panel will begin at 1:15pm and ends at 3:30pm. The afternoon session will follow an informal and free-flowing format. Artist educators will be joining the morning panelists as discussants as the table is removed and the discussion merges into a dialogue with the symposium attendees. There will be reception in the Worth RyderGallery at the end of the symposium.

In conclusion, participants will be asked to give a brief exit interview so that experiences and thoughts may be posted and shared via the Art Alumni Blog.