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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dear Fellow Alumni

Have work in two ongoing exhibitions:
Wonder at the Berkeley Art Center, 1275 Walnut Street, Berkeley, CA 94709
Hours: Wednesday thru Sunday, Noon - 5pm
Kala's Artist Annual, 2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, Noon - 5pm and Saturday,  Noon - 4:30pm
Opening on January 24 at Slate Contemporary, Oakland (see below)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sonya Rapoport is exhibiting her web piece, "MAKE ME A JEWISH MAN: An Alternative Masculinity,"  in Techfest 2013 IIT Bombay, India - Asia's Largest Science and Technology Festival by Indian Institute of Technology.

"MAKE ME A JEWISH MAN: An Alternative Masculinity," is an interactive web-based artwork. It describes the power of blood and the significance of oil in the cultivation of the ideal Jewish man. This process is paralleled with the morphology of its horticultural hermaphroditic counterpart, the olive tree, from which oil, the light of Jewish Law, is processed. Olive Oyl, partner to macho Popeye, is the spokesperson pop-up who interrupts the edicts to take a feminist stance. 
(This may be viewed at:

Techfest, a non-profit student organization, started off in 1998 with the motto "Technology is fun." This is a great and unique forum of confluence for Industry and Academia where exchange of knowledge takes place by showcasing of cutting edge technology and breakthroughs in science in the form of exhibits. The fifteenth Edition of Techfest is scheduled to be held from 3rd Jan to 5th January 2013. Techfest brings in a participation of about 92,000.